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I will try to share with you my feelings about Compassionate Companions. My name is Bonnie S. and I live in Medicine Hat Alberta. Three years ago my husband was admitted to a Nursing Home and had been diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. It was very sudden as he had surgery for kidney stones and the next morning he couldn't walk, stand or talk intelligently. The first year I tried to visit him as often as possible but it was very tiring.

I noticed that some other patients had some very caring ladies coming to visit them so I asked one of the receptionists if they were family, and she gave me a card for "Compassionate Companions." That night I phoned and made an appointment for an interview for both me and my husband. I hired her company immediately and after a short time the "ladies" started coming for one hour every day. Now these ladies are part of our family. My husband looks forward to seeing them every day. They visit, have tea and goodies, look at books, read the newspaper, and during the nice weather they take him outside for fresh air . When he is outside he enjoys the flowers, birds, deer and watches the people coming and going to the nursing home. He is much happier and more contented and since this is his home now he never asks to come with me. Their activities seem to stimulate his conversation.

This past year and a half have been difficult for me as I also have some health issues, one being cancer again. I am physically able to visit my husband only once a week but I know he is well cared for by the staff at the nursing home and also he has companionship and friendship from the Compassionate Companion ladies. They go above and beyond with their caring as at times they even take his glasses to be fixed and have done shopping for my husband when he needs certain things. They have made a very difficult time in our lives much more bearable. I know if anything should be brought to my attention that they will phone. They are indeed like family. We are very fortunate to have caring people like this to help us through these trying times. I am certain if you choose Compassionate Companions that you will be very satisfied with their honesty and devotion.

Good Luck !!!
Bonnie S.

Medicine Hat, Alberta


Just a quick note to let you know that my sister Jan called me this morning to tell me of my Dad's passing.  I just wanted to thank you profoundly for your help over the last few months, but particularly over the last few days.  I've read your e-mails attentively and have been deeply moved by the extraordinary compassion you've exhibited.  I'm sure I'll be seeing you in a few days so that I can thank you in person, but I'm filled with gratitude at the moment and thought I should let you know.

Thanks again,


John has told me about Dad's passing and I just want you to know how indescribably grateful I am to you for being there.  It seem so clear that you gave him the gifts of peace and comfort and compassion and dignity ... I will never be able to thank you enough for this.  I hope that it was not too hard on you ... you had such a good connection with Dad and I know that this will be a significant loss to you.  We travel to Canada as soon as we can, probably sometime on the weekend - Elaine is away on a course in remote Wales but should be able to get home late tonight or tomorrow.  We will see you early next week. I hope you are sleeping now and that you feel the blessing of having done something very fine.

with love,
Jan x


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